Artificial Intelligence Marketplace

Bonseyes aims to solve two key challenges: the strong industrial need to address data network effects and data wall problems of building systems of artificial intelligence at the European level. It aims to:

  • Address the programming and design challenges of distributed architectures and autonomy of systems.
  • Reduce the time of development and cost of ownership of the ever-growing roles of data analytics and machine learning in distributed and autonomous systems.

AI Value Chain and Actors


Artificial Intelligence Value Chain

The Bonseyes Marketplace provides the reuse of data, meta data, and models among separate legal entities, to significantly reduce design and development time in building systems of artificial intelligence. It support a number key actors in the AI value chain:

  • Business Owner
  • Data Provider
  • Annotator
  • Data Scientist
  • Infrastructure Provider
  • Integrator

Embedded Platforms (CPU/GPU/DSP)


Developer Reference Platforms

Bonseyes tools and programming environments will be supported by several reference platforms with pre-integrated middleware via open source and vendor packages. This offers developers numerous advantages:

Heterogeneous Support: supports a wide array of Multicore CPU-based platforms, GPUs, VPUs, and DSPs without the need for time consuming and specialized engineering development.

Optimal Performance: generated code by the code generator will be optimised for reduced memory, power, and computational overhead for a given target platform and the provided solution will be optimal for a given set of complex non-functional constraints.

Benchmarking: ability to run models on various platforms with minimal effort during development including cloud-based simulated environments before target hardware platforms are available.


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